Why Scented Candles with Dupe Scents Are the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re already thinking about what to get for that
hard-to-shop-for person in your life. How do you find the best Christmas gift for that special
someone? What do you pick out for someone who already has everything they

Consider a scented candle, but not just any scented candle. Choose a designer dupe scented
candle inspired by a designer scent, like Jo Malone, Dior or Marc Jacobs.

What is a scented candle with a dupe scent?

A scented candle adds the perfect touch of delight to any home, but a dupe scent scented
candle takes the experience to the next level.

You may have heard of dupe bags, dupe perfume or dupe shoes. A “dupe”, or a “duplicate”, is a
product that has properties or qualities similar to a designer brand’s product but that is not
claiming to be directly affiliated with the brand itself. Often, the dupe product will take
inspiration from the colors, patterns, or materials of the designer brand, and depending on the
quality of the dupe product, it may be sold at a lower price than the designer product.
Our scented candles draw inspiration from well-regarded designers with exceptionally high-
quality perfume scents, like Jo Malone, Dior and Marc Jacobs.

Why choose a scented candle with a dupe scent?

Double Wick Candle 1 1

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If you want a special person in your life to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a lovely scent
without shelling out a ton of money for a designer product, an Ava May Aromas designer dupe
scented candle could be the perfect gift. You don’t have to pay designer prices to have a
designer experience.

At Ava May Aromas, we choose only the best ingredients when we create our products, from
the wax to the wick to the jar to the scent itself. When we blend our scents, we undergo testing
and refining to make certain that our luxury candles perform perfectly.

By choosing Ava May Aromas, you will also be supporting a small business in the UK that aims
to give our customers the best possible experience. Make your Christmas shopping easy and
take a look around our site!

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