How to buy fragrance online without actually smelling it

With the abundance of cheap online perfume dupes or ‘Inspired By’ scents, many people
are turning to the internet to buy copycat fragrances. This can be a great way to buy
discounted eau de parfum, aftershave, cologne, eau de toilette etc but it also comes with
risk. So is it a good idea to buy scent without smelling it first?

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Why buy perfume and fragrances online rather than from a perfume shop?

– You get a huge choice – far more so than walking into a perfume shop.
– You get the option to buy dupe scents / inspired by perfumes
– Convenience – shopping from home is easy and saves a lot of time.
– Savings – not only can you do instant price comparisons for online scent but you also
have exposure to more bargains.
– Reviews – reading customer reviews for any scented product be it eau de toilette,
cologne, eau de parfum or aftershave gives you an insight into what others generally
think of a product.

Without question, it makes sense to smell perfume before you buy it and that’s where
perfume shops win out. But we know that this is not always possible. Consequently, what
started out as a good idea buying a discount scents online can turn into a disaster if the
product is nothing like what you were expecting.

So here are some tips on how to buy
cheap perfume and other fragranced products if you can’t get to a perfume shop and smell
them first.

– Read scent and perfume reviews / do your research – Researching from the comfort
of your sofa is easy these days thanks to so much information on the internet. Be
aware that everybody has a different sense of smell but if a majority love a particular
scent, the chances are highly likely that you will too.
– Product description – Companies who sell scented products are very aware that
customers are buying blind so read their product descriptions. Some will describe the
occasion for wearing a particular perfume such as a daytime scent, a perfume for
work, an evening eau de parfum etc. In addition, they may put in descriptions such
as fresh, light, fruity, aqua, spicy or heavy scents thereby giving you further guidance.
– Buy what you know – It may be that you have a few favourite scents or that you
particularly like a fragrance used in a candle or wax melt and would like it as a
– Buy the most popular scents – The most popular scents are usually the mass
marketed ones which smell good and are universally liked.

Safe scents for men that spring to mind include;

The one male, Sauvage, One million lucky and Invictus.

Safe perfumes for women include;

Lady, Black Opium and Guilty.

Or if you really want to play extra safe on
your scents, you could go for a popular unisex fragrance such as Sandalwood and
black pepper, Neroli Portofino or Santal 33.

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– Top scent brands – Top brands employ top perfumers because they design great
products. It therefore makes sense to consider good brand names like Gucci, Jo
Malone, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Estee Lauder, Creed, Armani, Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford.
– Be brave – Accept that you may get it wrong and buy a fragrance which you don’t
like. That doesn’t mean you can’t give it to somebody else as a gift.
– Buy a trial size – Buying a small trial size means you don’t risk spending so much
money. Additionally, it may be that you can purchase 3 different smaller sized scents
for the price of one larger perfume bottle but then get the benefit of sampling
different fragrances and creating a list of preferred aromas.
– Read the name – This may sound obvious but the aroma is often described in the
name of a perfume or aftershave. For example, Spice Bomb, Tobacco and Vanilla or
Sandalwood and Black Pepper.

Whether you are buying an original fragrance, a dupe scent or an Inspired By perfume,
there will be occasions where you purchase scent without actually trying it first. You will get
it wrong occasionally but the best thing is to follow the guidelines above, stick to the
popular scents and enjoy the experience.

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