Electric Wax Burners

How do electric wax burners work?

Electric wax burners provide a quick and easy method for melting your scented wax melts. Simply plug it in, add your favourite fragranced wax to the bowl and switch it on. The electricity then
illuminates and heats the bulb which in turn heats the tray containing the fragranced wax. Some burners have different light / heat settings. Just touching the base of the burner allows you to take it through the various settings thus increasing or decreasing the light and heat levels.

Are electric wax burners safe?

Electric burners are a great choice if you have concerns over a naked tea light. They enclose the heat (the hot bulb is surrounded by the glass vessel) which is still warm enough to melt the wax and
diffuse a wonderful aroma into your home. Ensure that your power source is compatible with the burner.
We always recommend that tea lights and electrical products are not left unattended.

What are wax burners?

A wax burner is an easy to use alternative to a scented candle. They use fragranced wax melts which were originally conceived when chandlers had small amounts of wax left over from candle making but did not have a use for them. Thus wax melts are small pieces of wax which are scented but without a wick. So to heat and melt the wax, we use wax burners which can either be electric or ceramic. Ceramic burners use tea lights as the heat source.

Are wax burners better than candles?

In essence, wax burners and candles perform the same function. Both are designed to melt wax, release fragrance into your room and create a warm and cosy light source. A wax burner can cost the same as a candle before you even begin to purchase wax melts. However, a candle takes considerably longer than a wax melt to burn due to its greater size. Consequently, you can purchase a lot more wax melts for the same price of a candle and therefore experiment with different scents to find your favourites. Candles also require a long burn time on the first burn to ensure you don’t create tunnelling in the candle. A wax melt burner can be turned on and off at your leisure without negative effects to the wax.

How do you clean a wax melt burner?

If maintained properly, you should only need to clean the wax burner bowl (where the wax melts). You have a couple of cleaning options when you are satisfied that the scent has been released from the wax and is no longer giving off a fragrance.

You can heat the wax to the point where it melts and then use cotton pads to absorb the wax out of the bowl. Just be careful as the bowl will be hot. Alternatively, you can turn on the heat source and just start to heat the wax for a couple of minutes. The underside of the wax will start to melt allowing you to slide the whole lump of wax from the bowl in one piece.

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