Frequently asked questions


General FAQs

Where can I find a scents list?

A list of all the scents in the Ava May Aromas range can be found on our  website homepage under the tab ‘Scents’.

When will ‘X’ be back in stock?

If you are looking for a specific item that is showing as out of stock on our website, please email and one of the team will be able to answer any of your questions. However, we also recommend that you follow us over on Instagram or Facebook, as we regularly update customers on our social media, when items have been restocked.

Can I amend my order once it has been processed (including discount codes)?

Unfortunately once an order has been processed we are unable to amend them. This includes: grouping orders together, adding discount codes and removing/adding items to your order.If you would like to cancel your current order so you can place a new one please email us at

Do you offer samples?

Yes. Samples are available to purchase via our website. Our Sample Selection Box (£15) allows you the opportunity to try 10 of our, randomly selected, scents – a great way to find your favourite scents. Alternatively, we also sell Mystery wax melt bags (£4) and Mystery pot bags (£7), which again offer a random selection of scents.

How can you get in contact with us?

For general enquiries, please use the contact information provided below. We aim to respond within 2 working days. Please do not contact us via Instagram or Facebook DM as our response time will be longer. Thank you for your custom.


Tel: +44 (0)1264748150

Mon-Fri : 8:00am – 4:30pm

Sat/Sun : Closed

Are your products safe to use around pets

Our all scents are non-toxic, so providing they are burned out of reach of your pet, so there is no risk of ingestion or the burner being knocked, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Currently our wax melts are made from a vegetable based soy wax, blended with food grade paraffin to ensure the best scent throw is achieved. 

Of course every animal is different so everyone should make their own judgement, so if you are unsure or need more ingredient information then please don’t hesitate to email our team via

How do I place an order for collection?

If you live locally and you wish to place an order for collection then please email – DO NOT place your order via the website or you will be automatically charged for delivery. Please include what you’d like to order, in the email and the team to get this ready for you. In regards to payment we only accept prepayments, once I’ve given you a breakdown and total cost I will email you our account or PayPal details. Currently we are not accepting orders for collection due to the current pandemic.

Missing items or error with order

If your order has arrived damaged or is missing items, please email with your order number and photo of your invoice, so one of the team can resolve your issue.

Can I place an order for wholesale?

Unfortunately we are not taking wholesale orders at the moment due to the capacity of orders we receive. For more information, please email 


Delivery FAQs

What delivery options do you offer

As stated in our T&Cs and before checkout, we work to a 10 working day turnaround time. The 24 or 48 hour delivery service starts from when Royal Mail collects and scans your order from our workshop. Collection will be within 1-2 working days of your order being printed out. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Can I group my orders together to save postage?

Unfortunately we are not able to group orders together. We are happy to refund you one of your orders, providing it has not been processed.

How long does delivery take?

Orders are dispatched from our warehouse within 10 working days of the order being placed. Your order, following dispatch, should take 24 or 48 hours dependent on the delivery option you selected at checkout. If you have any concerns or need an update please email us at 

If you are concerned about the whereabouts of your parcel, please ensure you contact us within 28 days of receiving your dispatch email. Beyond this point, couriers will be unable to refund or search for your parcel, so we will be unable to assist you further.

Can I track my parcel?

Your parcel can be tracked using the reference/tracking number on your dispatch email, through Royal Mail Track and Trace (UK parcels ONLY – excluding Ireland). If you have not received your dispatch email and you are having difficulty tracking your order, please email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship Internationally, Please process your order through our website, and the cost of delivery will be worked out for you at checkout.

My order has not arrived?

If your order hasn’t arrived or your tracking is not updating and it has been over the 10 working day turnaround period please email us at


Product Specific FAQs

How to prevent candle tunnelling?

To prevent candle tunnelling we advise to not trim the wick after the first time you use the candle. It is important that when burning your candle, for the first time, you let the candle burn long enough to melt the top level entirely. After the first burn, try to let the candle burn for long stretches as often as you can to prevent tunnelling later on.

How to fix candle tunnelling

Place the candle inside a vase and let it burn for a few hours. The hurricane keeps the heat around the candle to help melt the excess wax. Let the candle burn until the entire top becomes liquid wax. This resets the wax and decreases your chances of tunnelling in the future. 

Alternatively, you can either place the candle on a candle warmer and melt the wax that way without lighting the candle. Though you won’t be able to enjoy the ambience of a burning candle, you will be able to enjoy the fragrance.

Use caution with the above techniques to ensure the wax doesn’t become too hot and ignite.

What is the difference between wax melts and candles?

Wax melts are individual cubes of wax that are burnt in a warmer, without coming into direct contact with the flame. Because the wax melt does not come into contact with a naked flame, the scent throw is greater than a candle.

How long do I keep one cube burning for?

Each cube of wax should burn for 3-4 hours before the scent throw begins to reduce. This can vary slightly between scents as some are stronger than others. Therefore, we recommend customers changing the wax when the scent has disappeared or is weak.

How do I clean my wax burner?

If you wish to clean your burner we recommend using a cloth, warm water and washing up liquid. Please ensure that the burner has cooled down completely, is not plugged-in or lit whilst cleaning.

How do I remove a wax melt?

We recommend turning on (if electric) or lighting a tea light under your burner and leaving the wax to warm for around 30 seconds (slightly longer in electric burners). You should then be able to slide the wax out of the dish and dispose of it. 

Alternatively you can allow the wax disc to melt & then use cotton pads to soak up the wax. Dispose of the pads and pop a new wax melt in the dish.

Directions of use for Reed Diffusers

Remove the plastic cap/stopper from the diffuser bottle. Place your reed sticks in the fragrance oil and allow them to sit for one hour. Then flip the reeds over to saturate the top part of the reeds that stick out above oil level. This helps to speed up the process of the oil soaking up from the bottom diffusing through the entire reed. Expect a light fragrance to start perfuming your room within 24 hours. 

We Recommend turning your reeds 1-2 times a week.