Welcome to the home of Ava May Aromas luxury scented soy wax candles made here in the UK. Each of our premium scented candles has been carefully crafted and infused with designer dupe scent to create a beautiful aroma for any room. Each scented candle is hand poured using the best quality ingredients including Ultimate Soy Wax Solution and Performance Soy Blend Wax and are presented in our own bespoke Ava May Aromas scented candle jars. These make the perfect candle gift.

If you want the best quality UK scented soy wax candles or wax melts, you’ve come to the right place. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say on Trust Pilot.

Here at Ava May Aromas we are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified and strive to be an environmentally friendly and ethical company.

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Ava Mayfair Fairy Fresh Candle
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How to care for scented candle wicks

When your luxury candle is lit, always keep the wax pool clean of any debris as this can act as a
secondary wick causing scented candles to burn faster. After extinguishing the flame, always centre
and straighten the wick as burning for longer periods of time will deepen the melt pool and can
cause the wick to slant. Long or slanted wicks can create high flames, smoking or sooting.

To prevent this, we suggest trimming the scented candle wick to 5mm after every burn and after the wax has set. If the wicks are left untrimmed, any future burns will be less fragrant.

How long do scented candles burn for?

Our scented candles and refills have varying maximum burn times depending on how they are cared
for. Below is an approximate number of ‘burn hours’ for each of our luxury candles when burnt

Small Candles 30hrs +
Large Candles 25hrs +

Why buy UK scented candles from Ava May Aromas?

We source the best possible ingredients for our products. This starts with the wax and the wick but also includes the scent and the jar. Our scent blending undergoes regular testing to ensure our luxury candles and wax melts produce a wonderful aroma and perform perfectly. We supply large candles, small candles and all are luxury scented candles.

Our scented candle range includes the following scents, many of which are inspired by designer brands such as Jo Malone, Dior and Marc Jacobs. This fragrance list is current at the time of writing but is always subject to change so please check on the web site for the most up to date list of our fragrances.

Alien Invasion, Aventos for men, Black Pomegranate, Dark Opium, Fairy Soft, Lime Basil and Mandarin, Rose Wonderland, Sea Shells, Snow Fairies, Spring Awakening and Zo Flo Linen Fresh.

Many of these candle fragrances are available in our scented wax melts. Wax melts are a great way to test the range of scents before committing to a scented candle. Our luxury wax melts can be found here .
Alternatively, you may want to try our scented wax melt Sample Box where we have selected our 10 best selling fragrances.

And finally, when purchasing any of our luxury scented items, you will be supporting a small UK business who are keen to give the best possible products and service to our customers in the UK and beyond. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say at Trustpilot .

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