Create an Ava May Aromas account to earn AMA loyalty points which can be redeemed for free products or discounts through our amazing loyalty programme. Once you have signed up it is so easy to get started, simply, head to the Loyalty Points tab within your AMA account. Here you will find activities to complete which will earn you AMA points.

Then all you need to do is browse the rewards for your free product or voucher!


Ava May Aromas Loyalty Lion



Refer a friend and give them £5 off their first purchase and earn £5 off for yourself once they’ve placed their order.


A wonderful way to share your love for Ava May Aromas and enjoy a little treat for yourself and your friend at the same time.


Pop over to your Loyalty Lion activities to get started! From birthday treats to discount codes, free products and wonderful gift vouchers; your points can be used on a wide range of amazing goodies for you to enjoy.