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The Ava May Aromas range of wax melt gift sets offers an outstanding choice of quality wax melt gift boxes. Each gift set contains all the contents needed to start burning your wax melt and releasing the wonderful aromas into your home or office.

Each burner gift set is presented in high quality packaging and makes an ideal gift for him or her including Christmas, birthday, anniversary, new home, new job, mother’s day, valentines and more.

You also have the option to add a personalised gift sleeve with the words ‘Happy birthday’ or ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘Congratulations.’

Wax Melt Gift Set range

Our range has a price point to suit all budgets and gifting occasions. The gift boxes contain a variety of our own hand poured in the UK wax melts together with a wax melt burner, a pack of quality tea lights (a small candle to activate the wax melt) and are presented in a beautiful gift box. A selection of the premium wax melt gift boxes includes a combination of an electric rechargeable lighter, a wax melt tin holding 6 wax discs, a wax melt sample box, a room spray, a reed diffuser, reed sticks, bath bombs and a candle. Such variety gives the option to find the ideal wax melt burner gift set.

Why choose an Ava May Aromas wax melt gift set?

If you want your wax melts UK produced, then you’ve found the best melts in the country. Our wax melts and wax discs are hand poured using the best quality ingredients. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say at Trustpilot
As the UK industry leader, we are proud of being Leaping Bunny certified and strive to be an environmentally friendly and ethical company.

Ava May Aromas is ‘the’ wax melt brand loved by Mrs Hinch, who has a number of our wax melt burners and reed diffusers placed around her home. We are big Hinching fans and love seeing our products featured on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories. We are forever grateful to Sophie Hinchcliffe for her amazing support.

Our UK gift set collection offers you the option to choose a premium wax melt and burner gift set at an affordable price. Our design team have worked hard to ensure that our wax melt gift boxes and their products complement all interior styles and add an aesthetic appeal to any setting.

All our wax melts, wax discs, reed diffusers, reed diffuser refills, bath bombs and wax melt gift boxes are made in the UK at our production facility in Andover, Hampshire. We only use premium grade scent in our wax melts and reed diffusers and are known for our high quality products.

The high grade of the materials and processes used in making each reed diffuser and wax melt burner are also important for the versatility and life of the vessel and we therefore go to great lengths to ensure that Ava May Aromas diffusers are of the materials used to make our products are of the highest standard. It’s important to understand that not all wax melt burners and reed diffusers are equal hence our insistence on using only quality materials and production processes.

Each wax melt burner is complemented with the iconic Ava May Aromas AMA mark helping to distinguish it from lesser quality products. Each ceramic reed diffuser also carries the same mark. Our electric reed diffuser range does not currently carry the AMA mark but every electric reed diffuser does have CE approval.

Further information

For more details regarding our wax melt range, please head to our wax melt page .
Further information regarding our reed diffuser products can be found here .
For more information on our wax melt burner products, please follow this link

We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and our products including each wax melt gift set is leaping bunny approved. So if you are looking for the ideal UK gift set, our wax melt gift ideas will offer the solution.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on our contact us page.

Are you looking for a personalised gift?

You can add a personal touch by opting for a personalised gift sleeve to your chosen gift box. Optional messages are ‘Thank you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Congratulations.’

A ‘congratulations’ gift sleeve would be ideal for somebody leaving a company or retiring. It could also be a congratulations gift for passing exams, graduation, getting engaged, passing a driving test or any achievement. The images on this sleeve are champagne glasses as if to raise a toast.

The ‘I love you’ gift sleeve is a lovely gift at any time but would also be most appropriate for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or birthday. It would also be a lovely gesture on a Mother’s day gift or a valentines day gift. This gift sleeve is naturally adorned with love hearts.

The ‘Thank you’ gift sleeve can again be used to add a note of gratitude to a leaving gift, retirement gift or any occasion where thanks are due. This gift sleeve comes with a beautiful image of stars on the sleeve.

Finally, the ‘Happy Birthday’ gift sleeve is clearly only suitable for a special birthday present and something that adds that little extra piece of elegance. The images of presents on this sleeve add that extra special touch.

Simply tick the “Add Gift Set Sleeve” option on the Gift Set Product page, choose your message sleeve and add it to your cart.

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