Aromatherapy Christmas Gift Ideas: Why AMA Will Be Your One Stop Shop This Season

Have you started your Christmas shopping list now that December is only weeks away? Some people will be easy to shop for, while others may leave you feeling stuck. We all have people on our list that are hard to shop for. You know, the ones that are humble and don’t ask for anything, or the ones that seem to have it all. For those people we recommend the gift of scent. Everyone loves a pleasant fragrance, and AMA has them available in so many different forms. Below we’ll be sharing the best aromatherapy Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list. Even those that seem impossible to shop for.

AMA will be your one stop shop for Christmas gifts this season. Whether it’s a cozy candle or an opulent fragrance, an aromatherapy Christmas gift will always be cherished. Our product range caters to every lifestyle and budget, and our clean layout makes shopping simple. You’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with AMA.



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Who doesn’t love a good candle? It’s a classic Christmas gift idea. Candles are versatile, easy to use, and are guaranteed to create a relaxing atmosphere. If ever there was an ideal gift solution for someone that’s hard to shop for, it’s a candle. They’re affordable yet luxurious, and
you don’t need to worry about a candle looking out of place in a person’s home. AMA candles are available in a wide variety of dupe scents to cater to every taste. We also offer refill candles if you already have a suitable candle holder in mind!


Wax Melts & Ceramic Wax Burners

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Wax melts are an increasingly popular choice in the world of aromatherapy. They’re an effective alternative to traditional scented candles. The small size of wax melts make them a great option for testing out different scents. To use one, simply place the melt on top of the wax burner.
Create heat and spread the aroma by lighting a tea light underneath the wax melt. Our wax discs can be broken into two separate halves, making it easy to share with friends and family members.


Ceramic Wax Burners & Electric Wax Burners

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Not sure if your loved ones have the tools to use wax melts? No problem! Create a mini gift set by adding one of our ceramic wax burners. We have several designs available to accommodate different tastes and decor styles.

An electric wax burner is a contemporary and high-tech way to enjoy the beautiful scent of a wax melt. Just plug in the burner, add a wax melt to the bowl, and flick on the power. AMA electric wax burners also have light settings that add a gorgeous glow to the room. Whichever option you choose will create an easy method for wax melt enjoyment.


 Decorative Candles

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A decorative candle is the perfect choice for the home decor addict in your life. You’ll be giving the best of both worlds: a lovely scent and a stunning piece of decor! Our bubble candle creates a playful and modern feeling wherever it’s placed. It’s available in 5 of our most popular scents – Dark Opium, Fairy Soft, Life Is Beautiful, Rose Wonderland, and Sea Shells.


Electric Aroma Diffuser

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This is a gift that’s built to last. Although candles and wax melts provide scents for long periods of time, an electric aroma diffuser will be able to release delightful scents into the home for years to come. Each diffuser comes with a complimentary aroma oil, so your loved one will
receive the complete package. All they’ll need to do is add water and a few drops of oil! Our stylish electric aroma diffusers double as decorative lamps, displaying a rainbow of colors that will light up the room. You can keep the fragrance on or off during the light show.


Reed Diffusers

AMA Lifestyle 016 3 1

The original low maintenance method for aromatherapy, a reed diffuser brings elegance to any room. They are must-haves for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. After the initial setup, they won’t have to worry about the diffuser for months. It will continually release a subtle yet
consistent aroma. Reed diffusers are an easy and long-lasting solution for aromatherapy, as they can easily be refilled. AMA makes the renewal process a breeze with our selection of reed sticks and refill oils.


Room Sprays

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Convenient and delightfully luxurious, a room spray is a fantastic stocking filler. They’re a simple treat that will instantly perk up any home. A room spray will be much appreciated by those with busy homes, for instance pet owners or parents with young children that might be hesitant to
use products that require flames or water. Just a quick spray will leave the room with an amazing scent. They’re also a great choice for aromatherapy addicts that may want to quickly freshen up a room whilst waiting for the fragrance of a wax melt or candle to work its magic.


Eau de Parfum

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Fragrance is a wonderful gift idea for a significant other or close family member. All of our Eau de Parfums are inspired by famous designer scents, but come at a more reasonable price point. The fragrances are available in two different sizes, 10ml or 50ml. You can create a small selection of fragrances with our 10ml option, or stick to 50ml if you already know your beloved’s favourite scent.


Bath & Body Products

AVA May January 2021 018 1 1

Treat your loved ones to an extra relaxing soak with one of our bubble bars or bath bombs. Both options are available in classic AMA scents like Black Orchid, English Pear & Freesia, and Rose Wonderland. Our bath bombs are enhanced with moisturizing shea butter to leave the skin feeling incredibly soft. The bath experience will be soothing in every way with an AMA bath & body product.


Gift Sets

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Not sure what to go for? Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting with one of AMA’s personalised gift sets. Each set contains a selection of our most crowd-pleasing products and everything that is needed to accompany them. All of our sets can be personalized with custom messages that make the gift feel even more unique. Our elegant gift boxes are made of high quality materials that can be reused for storing keepsakes and other purposes. Gift sets are an excellent choice for couples, groups, and families that can share the goodies. They can also be used to spoil someone that has truly been on Santa’s good list. Trust AMA with your Christmas gift selection this season. Shop our extensive range of products to find your dream gift solutions this season!

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