10 Reasons Why Wax Melts Are So Popular


What is a wax melt?

Wax melts are pieces of fragrant wax which melt when heated and release a strong aroma into your home. The scented wax is heated in a wax burner and then melts into a pool of liquid wax. The melted wax is then able to release the strong scent contained within the wax into a room and beyond.

There are many shapes & sizes of wax melts: clamshells, wax tarts, snap bars and more. Ava May Aromas wax melts are created in clamshells which then allow you to break an evenly sized scented wax cube every time. Just enough to fill an average wax burner bowl and scent a large room. Alternatively, we produce wax discs which are smaller than clamshells and present a way of testing a variety of wax scents without breaking the bank.

Wax melts were first created as a way to use up excess wax left over by candle makers. Unlike candles which originated around 5,000 years ago, wax melts are a relatively new concept. Wax melts have increased in popularity in recent years and that growth shows no signs of abating.


Why are wax melts so popular?

1. Wax melts are an affordable way to fragrance your home for long periods of time. They contain a high volume of scent which means they give many burn hours and the aroma lingers.

2. Wax melts are economical. They contain less wax than many candles and scented cubes can be changed to a new fragrance regularly.

3. Wax melts are versatile. Being able to purchase several different scented wax melts for the same price as many candles means you can change the wax cube / fragrance easily and regularly. You could even go for a different scent every day!

4. Wax melts put you in control. You can decide how much wax you want to add to the burner and thus determine the strength of aroma in a room.

5. Wax melts are simple to use. All you need to do is pop a tealight into your burner, a scented wax cube into the top, light the tealight and leave it to melt.

6. Wax melt burners are also easy to clean. Simply warm the underside of a solid piece in the burner bowl by lighting a tealight under the wax bowl. Leave for a minute or two and the solid wax will then simply slide out of the wax burner. Replace with a fresh scented wax cube and enjoy!

7. Wax burners come in a choice of ceramic burners which require a tealight to melt the wax or an electric burner which requires no naked flame and instead uses the heat of the enclosed light bulb to warm the wax.

8. Wax melts are calming. Electric burners come in an array of beautiful colours and just like ceramic burners with a tealight flame can be very relaxing to watch. Clinical tests have shown that a relaxing environment helps to reduce depression and anxiety.

9. Wax melts have a scent for everyone and every occasion. Depending on your mood, you can choose a scent similar to your favourite perfume, your favourite fabric softener or something with a citrus base. Alternatively, you can make your own blends by taking a smaller portion from two or more cubes and mixing them in a single wax melt burner. Popular scents include Earl Grey, Baby Powder, Rose Wonderland and the classic Lime, Basil and Mandarin.

10. Wax melts and wax burners make the perfect affordable gift. They look good, they bring hours of pleasure and you can never have too many wax melts! Ava May Aromas offer a huge range of scented wax products along with ceramic and electric burners. Plus we have beautifully presented gift sets at a range of prices with all the components needed to start your wonderful wax melt journey.