Why Is Vapour Coming From My Burner And Why Is My Wax Bubbling?

Why Is There Vapour Coming From My Burner And Why Is My Wax Bubbling?


You may have noticed when burning your wax melts that there is a clear or white vapour being
emitted from the wax.

Do not panic! This is normal and is just the scent being thrown. In other words, the heat from the
tealight is releasing the fragrance into the air and around your room. Our products are highly
fragranced with some of the stronger fragrances having the ability to emit more vapour than
others. Don’t be alarmed. This will not harm you, the wax melt or your burner.

Smoking can also indicate when the scent has totally evaporated because the weaker the scent
becomes, the clearer the smoke will appear. However, everything is fine if your wax melt is still
smelling strong and you can’t see any vapour.

Another sight that may cause alarm is if your wax melt starts bubbling. This is usually caused by
one of two main reasons.

A key cause of wax melt bubbles is failure to dry the wax dish properly after washing. Always
ensure the dish where the wax sits is dry before use as bubbling can cause the scent to be
thrown quicker and thereby reduce it’s longevity. And nobody wants that!

Bubbling can also be caused if the wax melt is too hot due to being melted for too long or the
tealight being too close to the wax dish. It’s important to make sure you use the correct size
tealight’s. We recommend using 2 or 4 hour tealights depending on the size of the burner as
anything more can heat the burner too quickly causing erratic bubbling or dark smoke.

If you are concerned that the smoke or bubbling is unusual, please discontinue use and contact
our customer service team at avamayaromas.com where we will be happy to advise you.