The Ultimate AMA Gift Guide 

The Ultimate AMA Gift Guide 

Whatever the occasion our Ava May Aroma Gift Sets have got you covered… 

We’ve all been there right?  A birthday, anniversary or special occasion that you’ve completely forgotten about and suddenly you’re running out of time to find the perfect gift. Or maybe you’re more organised than me and you’ve got plenty of time to find a gift, but you’re struggling with where to start. Either way, this guide will mean your gifting dilemmas need not cause you any more stress and you can breathe easy. *your cue to sigh with relief* 

As you may have already gathered I am a last minute Larry and often find myself scouring the internet for the perfect gift. When I find a website that makes that selection easy and painless, I make a mental note to A) mark that website for future occasions and B) not leave it so late next time….. Based on my personal inability to be organised, the team at Ava May Aromas decided to create our Gift Set range with the logic that there must be others who struggle with gifting as much as I do. 

Firstly, I think it’s key to point out that we have developed our Gift Set range to try and encompass all budgets. From our starter set at £27.50 to our premium £100 With Love H x box all our gift sets will make a present any recipient will be touched by. 

Presentation is of course key when it comes to gifting & once again our Gift Sets take all that stress away. Each Gift Set is beautifully packed within its presentation box to ensure that when the lucky recipient opens the lid they are met with a stunning visual of all the goodies inside. Our beautifully branded Ava May Aromas presentation boxes are also a key part of this gifting solution. From the flecked magnetic lid, to the large navy bow on top of the box, these also serve as beautiful storage boxes for wax melts and tealights. All Gift Sets also come with a flecked sleeve to protect the box and ensure that it arrives in pristine condition with your loved one. Plus all Gift Set sleeves can be personalised with our set messages Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations & I Love You (please note there is a small on cost for personalized sleeves – standard sleeves are at no extra cost) 

So now that we’ve covered budget and presentation let’s talk about the gifting occasion….


If you’re shopping for…… 


A Birthday

We recommend: The Favourites Collection

Why? This beautiful set contains everything needed to introduce someone to the world of wax melts. From tealights, to the chargeable lighter, there’ll be no need to rush to the shops for anything last minute. 

Price: £50.00

Link: Here

Don’t forget to add a ‘Happy Birthday’ Sleeve for that extra special touch 


An Anniversary gift

We recommend: The Lovers Gift Set 

Why? Well the clues kind of in the name and if you’re trying to tell your partner I Love You then this set is definitely a safe option. The heart burner is one of our best selling products and is a surefire way to earning those elusive brownie points. 

Price: £45.00 

Link: Here

Don’t forget to add an ‘I Love You’ Sleeve for an extra special touch 


A Leaving Gift 

We recommend: The Signature Collection

Why? If you’re sad to see a colleague leave this is a perfect way to tell them they’ll be missed. Why not club together as an office or department and give them a beautiful leaving present.

Price: £75.00

Link: Here


A Housewarming Gift / A Get Well Soon Gift 

We recommend: The Carefree Collection

Why? Whether someone’s just moved into a new home or you know someone that’s been feeling a little under the weather, the Carefree Collection ticks all the boxes. Not only will the recipient be able to make their surroundings smell incredible with wax melts, they’ll also be able to enjoy a soothing soak with our bath bombs that are included too. 

Price: £30.00

Link: Here


A Thank You Gift 

We recommend: The Statement Collection 

Why? Sometimes we want to let someone know that we really are grateful the Statement Collection is the perfect way to do just that. The beautiful crossover burner really is the highlight of this set, accompanied by our Sample Box with over ten wax melt scents to choose from.

Price: £55.00

Link: Here

Don’t forget to add a ‘Thank You’ Sleeve for that extra special touch 


A Congratulatory Gift 

We recommend: The Starter Collection

Why? Maybe you know someone who’s just passed their driving test, or an exam, or they’ve been given a much deserved promotion? Let them know you’re proud and gift them something a little out of the ordinary. Our Starter Collection is one of the most popular gift sets and is a perfect all rounder for any occasion.

Price: £27.50

Link: Here

Don’t forget to add a ‘Congratulations’ Sleeve for that extra special touch