Raising funds for NHS Charities Together


Raising Funds for NHS Together!

NHS Wax Melts


We have received so many lovely messages over the past few months from customers sharing incredibly inspiring stories about their loved ones working on the NHS frontline. These messages inspired us to look for a way to give back to those front line workers and this is where Two Dads In London came in.

Rich and Lew, otherwise known as Two Dads in London, have over 33,000 Instagram followers and have become well-known for publicising their daily lives and family journey. They share the ups and downs of parenting and adoption and if you follow them you’ll know that Lew works for the NHS as a GP Nurse and was seeing first hand the effects of Covid-19.  

So like us and many of our customers, raising money for ‘NHS Charities Together’ was very close to their hearts. NHS Charities Together support and represent more than 230 individual NHS Charities and raise more than £1 million every day to support the funding of our healthcare. This includes, pioneering research, medical equipment and providing the best possible care for patients. Alongside this, NHS Charities mobilise volunteers to support NHS staff and brighten hospital wards with colourful artwork, making a huge difference to millions of vulnerable individuals. 

The duo must have read our minds as they reached out to us and asked if we would like to make a collaborative wax melt to raise funds. Of course, we jumped at the idea as it meant we could show our gratitude to the whole NHS team.


£1 from every wax melt sold was to be donated to NHS Charities Together.


From the offset the scent was extremely important. We all wanted something that would be ideal for NHS workers that might be gifted a pack, to relax with after a long and tiring shift. 

It was important to get this right and after testing different scents we agreed on ‘Oasis’ for a feeling of calm and serenity after a stressful day. We absolutely loved this scent and glad you all did too.

The release date was fast approaching and with over 2000 wax melts to make, the ladies in our wax unit were pouring like crazy! We were all apprehensive to see what the response would be… but wow, It was fantastic! So many of you jumped on board and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone who purchased, liked, commented and shared the posts to spread the word. Once orders were being delivered and we started to see your responses to the scent, we knew we’d got it right. We were all so relieved and delighted that everybody’s efforts were going to result in a well deserved donation to an incredible team.


Together we raised a grand total of… 

*Drum roll please*


A fantastic achievement. Thank you to the guys for choosing us to fundraise with and a huge thank you to everyone who purchased. We hope you love the scent as much as we do and are reminded of the money you helped to raise each time you melt a cube.