What Are Wax Melts?

What are Wax Melts and How Do They Work?

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Wax melts are highly scented cubes of wax that require heat to release their fragrance.

Unsurprisingly, wax melts were originally sourced by candlemakers who wanted to make better use of their leftover candle wax. Also referred to as wax bars, wax tarts and wax cubes, wax melts have become increasingly popular over the past few years but even more so due to lockdown and the increasing demand for homeware products. Our Wax Melts are available in various shapes, sizes and scents.


How Do I Use A Wax Melt

Wax melts come in solid blocks and require heat to melt them. This heat can come from an electric burner or, in the case of a ceramic wax burner, from a tea light. Simply place the wax cube in the dish and light the tea light underneath. The melting wax will produce a lightly coloured vapour indicating that the scent is being released and distributed around the room. You can control the scent throw by adding more or less cubes of wax to your burner with preference to your room size or strength of the fragrance.


How Long Should A Wax Melt Fragrance Last?

Typically, a pack of wax melts can provide a minimum of 24 hour burn time meaning a single cube can offer 4 hours of wonderful aroma, however many people find they last for much longer than this. We suggest using either two x two hour tea lights (one at a time) or one 4 hour tea light in a burner dependent on the burner size. Larger tea lights can potentially be dangerous so please be careful.


Experimenting Is Fun!

Experimenting with new scents helps you find your preferred aroma. Whether it’s clean and fresh or perfumes and aftershaves, there is a scent for every mood, weather and season! Just come home from a dog walk? Why not try Zo Flo Mountain Air to swap out the wet dog smell with tangy citrus and rich herb aromas? Having friends over for dinner? Impress them with their favourite perfume scent!

Wax melts are a great way to relax and destress after a tiring day. They are fun to experiment with and a great way to lift your mood. At AvaMayAromas.com, we offer a large range of fragrances in both wax melts and wax discs. These fragrances are also available in our other products including candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, bath bombs and more.

Explore our range of wax melt fragrances here

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