How To Remove Old Wax From Your Burner

How To Remove Old Wax From Your Burner


Using a wax melt burner seems simple, right? But how easy is it to remove the used wax from
your wax burner? Here at Ava May, we’ve tested and found the easiest ways to
remove the old wax from your burner without making a mess. Below we’ve created a
straightforward step-by step guide for you to follow when you’re ready for a change of scent.

Step 1:

When you are ready to change/remove your wax, make sure that it is completely solid in the
wax burner. This prevents things from getting messy as there’s nothing worse than getting wax on your carpet or clothes!

Step 2:

With the wax in a solid state, light a tealight and place it inside the wax burner as if you were going to burn wax again …

Step 3:

… Depending on the burner, it can take 30 seconds or a few minutes before the bottom layer of wax starts to melt.

Step 4:

When you think the bottom of the wax has melted, lightly touch the disc of wax to see if there is
any movement. If the disc easily slides with light pressure then you can blow out the tealight.

Step 5:

Whilst stabilizing the wax burner with one hand, you should be able to slide the wax disc out of

the well with the other hand..

Step 6:

Use a tissue or piece of kitchen roll to remove any residue to avoid scent mix

Step 7:

Finally, pop a new wax melt into the wax burner and enjoy!

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