International Women’s Day 2020

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“An equal world is an enabled world.”

The theme this year for International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March, is #EachForEqual, focusing on gender equality. 

Gender equality is a business issue and a global issue but we can all work together and fight to create a gender equal world, essential for economies and communities to grow and thrive.

A few words from the woman in our driving seat.



I am Hannah Chapman, Managing Director at Ava May Aromas.


Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

I have been on a steep learning curve since starting my business and one struggle I have found is having my voice heard when the other Director, my Dad, is present. Naturally, some people gravitate conversations towards him rather than me and I have to speak ‘louder’ than I should have to. So to me, there should be no difference and we should all come together to help build a gender equal world. #EachForEqual

Who are your female inspirations? 

My mum & sister are two very important women in my life and they continue to inspire & support me. 

My good friends Lorraine, Alex & Kathryn, all are amazing business women in their own right & it has been incredible to watch their respective ventures thrive.
Jo Malone, another idol of mine. Jo has an incredible story & if you haven’t read her book then you’re missing out! 

The beautiful Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch. I cannot tell you how much respect & admiration I have for this lady. I don’t think many people would have been able to handle the pressure, the scrutiny & trolling she has experienced & yet still remained kind, humble, throughout her journey.


What achievement are you most proud of?
My biggest achievement is being self-employed. I am proud of myself and my Dad for taking a business idea, that began in my family kitchen and turning into our reality: a successful, sustainable business.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I would like to think in 5 years time I’ll still be here! In the same role continuing to love every day as much as I do now. As a company I’d like to open a flagship retail outlet & to be located in our own premises, a personal goal of mine. If I can achieve these then I am confident Ava May Aromas has a real chance of becoming an established and recognised brand.

Who inspires the Ava May Aromas team?

Stacey Solomon

“Stacey is an advocate for female success relative to everyday life. Her social media presence is focused on highlighting the highs and lows of motherhood, alongside pursuing her career. Through her confident nature, she emphasises the importance of not being defined by societal expectations and stereotypes.”

Emily – Customer Services & Marketing Assistant



“Pink, because she believes you shouldn’t change who you are. In order to be successful, however you see that being, you should go for it, strive high but always be true to yourself.”

Lauren – Marketing Manager


My Mum 

“She is a strong and reliable character and has remained strong through difficult times and loss. She always gives the best advice and support and is not defined by others expectations. 

Gemma – Customer Service Manager


Malala Yousafzai

“She is an icon of our time. A face of survival for women of all ages across the world, who aren’t allowed access to education and who live in societies where gender parity does not exist. She is effortlessly graceful in the face of oppression.”

Eloise – Purchasing & Stock Controller


Henrietta Lacks 

“Although she wouldn’t have known it at the time, what we have learnt through the harvest of her stem cells has enabled masses of advancements in the research and treatment of cancer.” 

Wendy – Research & Development


Mary Portas

“She has built an empire and her love for fashion emphasises her drive to create success in the female market.”

Daryl – Managing Director of Ava May Aromas


Margaret Hamilton 

“Margaret Hamilton was a working mother and was vital in the landing of astronauts on the moon for the first time and their return. She became an integral part of the MIT team in a time when the idea that women should work, let alone become world renowned programmers, was laughed at. I love that she knew exactly how people were going to react to her and she still decided to go ahead and do exactly what she had always dream of doing anyway. Her work has been the foundation of much of the world we live in and she continues to be a pioneer in her field at the age of 83, proving that gender nor age should play a role in how far you get in life.” 

Maia – Personal Assistant to Hannah Chapman


Malin Andersson 

“She sets an example for all women. The media’s negative activity does not define her body or her confidence. Her desire to empower other women in the face of difficult times and sadness is omnipotent. She goes against the grain of the female expectations, not fearing the harsh opinion of today’s society. 

Tracy – Manufacturing Manager


Princess Diana 

“She was a selfless soul who wasn’t false in any way. She used her immense influence to shine a light on forgotten causes. Her legacy was carried through by raising her sons against royal customs. She was a beautiful person inside and out with a genuine affinity for women and girls.”

Diane & Hayley – Production Assistants


What does IWD mean to you? Head over to our instagram @avamayaromas to tell us your female inspirations?

Header images courtesy from: Melissa Megan Photography. Logo copyright to https://rts.org.uk/event/international-womens-day-eachforequal 

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