What’s The Difference Between A Bath Bomb And A Bubble Bar?

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You may be new to the world of luxury bath time or you may be genuinely curious about the wonderful variety of bath bombs, bubble bars,

bubble bath, bath oils, bath salts and other delights that you can add. So let’s take a look at the difference between a bubble bar and a bath bomb. 

Since launching our own bubble bars, we have found that the same question popping up time and again; “What is a bubble bar and what makes it different to a bath bomb?”.

Here at Ava May Aromas we have distinguished the differences and similarities between a bubble bar and a bath bomb so you don’t have to. 


Which Is Better, A Bubble Bar Or A Bath Bomb?

Whilst both are bursting with luxurious fragrance and aim to improve your overall bath time experience, we have found that bubble bars are most popular with those

who enjoy more bubbles in their bath whereas bath bombs are typically chosen by people who enjoy more of a fizz! Both release a wonderful fragrance into the bathroom. 


What Does A Bubble Bar Look Like?

Bubble bars are essentially the solid form of bubble bath. They generally come in discs or brick-like shapes and are typically smaller than bath bombs. In contrast,

bath bombs are renowned for their pretty colours and patterns and are a compacted mixture of wet and dry mix moulded into porous balls. 


What Is A Bubble Bars Purpose?

Although similar in ingredients and texture, the objective of both products vary. The purpose of the bubble bar is to create mounds of bubbles on top of the water,

whereas the bath bomb is designed to fizz under the water whilst also creating mesmerising patterns of colour. 


How Do I Use A Bubble Bar?

To get the best results from your bubble bar, we recommend crumbling it under a warm running tap until it dissolves. This will ensure that you get the maximum quantity of bubbles.

In contrast, a bath bomb can be left to float just under the surface of the water. The bath bomb will then fizz and spin whilst releasing a wonderful fragrance and colours. 

Bath bombs and bubble bars are a fun way of adding extra luxury and relaxation to your bath time routine. For children, it turns bath time into fun time! 

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