What is a designer dupe Wax Melt?

What Is A Designer Wax Melt Dupe?


What is a dupe?

A “dupe”, also known as “duplicates”, is a product or item that has qualities and characteristics that are similar to a designer or high-end brand but claim to not be affiliated with the brand itself. The products can range anywhere from bags to clothes to fragranced products. 

For example, a company could take inspiration from a well-known designer’s infamous patterns and colors and tweak it to create a product of their own. Depending on the quality of the product, the company would sell the item at a reduced price and not the designer’s price.


What is a designer fake?

Dupes are not to be confused with ‘replicas’ also known as ‘counterfeits’ and ‘fakes’ where the products are purposely matched identically to the trademarks and details of the designer. The price of the replicas are strategically higher than if it was a dupe but eye-catchingly “affordable” to the buyer. 


What is a designer wax melt dupe?

At Ava May Aromas we offer designer dupe home fragrances which means our scents are inspired by and have similar qualities to popular designer perfumes, aftershaves, and cleaning products. Our product range includes wax melts, candles, reed diffusers and so much more. We aim to match our scents as closely as we can, but our scents are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance or company and are never exact. In fact, our fragrances are the only similarity that is inspired by designer brands. Our AMA packaging and branding is completely original which identifies us as a company.