What is a perfume dupe / fragrance dupe?

What is a perfume dupe/fragrance dupe?

A “dupe”, also known as “duplicates”, is a product or item that has qualities and characteristics that are
similar to a designer or high-end brand but claim to not be affiliated with the brand itself. The products can
range anywhere from perfumes to bags to clothes and beyond.
For example, a company could take inspiration from a well-known designer’s infamous patterns and
colours and tweak it to create a product of their own. Depending on the quality of the product, the
company would sell the item at a lower price and not the designer’s price.


What is a designer fake?

Dupes are not to be confused with ‘replicas’ also known as ‘counterfeits’ and ‘fakes’ where the products
are purposely matched identically to the trademarks and details of the designer. The price of the replicas
are strategically higher than if it was a dupe but eye-catchingly “affordable” to the buyer.
What is a designer perfume dupe?
Dupe perfume scents are inspired by and have similar qualities to popular designer perfumes and
aftershaves. A dupe perfume therefore smells similar to something else but is usually more affordable and
not a 100% match.


Why buy dupe perfumes?

As the market for more expensive designer and niche fragrances grow, people want the high end perfumes
but without the price tag. That is where dupe fragrances comes in.
Top designer brands with expensive bottles and fancy packaging come at a cost to the consumer. And we
all like to feel good about the way we smell but people will always look for an alternative if the original
scent comes at too high a price. Undoubtedly, there are many perfume snobs who look down their nose at
people wearing what they call ‘cheap perfume.’ However, the fact that so many dupe perfumes are almost
indistinguishable from the original product makes a mockery of such snobbery.


What are the best perfume dupes?

Testing dupe perfumes is a process of trial and error. What may smell similar to an original product on one
persons skin may not smell the same to somebody else. Many companies offer small bottles which affords
the customer an opportunity to test several scents before picking one or two favourites and purchasing a
larger bottle.