The scent throw from Ava May wax melts is better than any candle (or any other brand of melt) that I’ve ever had – even Yankee, and I was obsessed with those for years!

I think my first Ava May order was for Lemon Zing, Mountain Air, and Snow Fairies – it was like getting a little box of heaven through the door and I’ve seriously never looked back since. Avamania was on from the moment I opened that box!

I love love love them all and I can’t get enough of those cute little bows!

I love the diverse range of scents; they’re so delicious that I want to eat half of them, and there really is something for everyone. (Even the boyfriend begrudgingly has his favourites! )

To sum up – I flipping love Ava May Aromas I love the products, I love the brand, and I love the team behind the brand too. Hannah and the girls are so friendly – every single interaction that I’ve ever had with any of them has been positive, and any question that I’ve ever had has been answered super quickly. The customer service is amazing and for me that’s like the little bow on the clamshell – a pop of sunshine to nicely finish a perfectly packaged experience.

Thank you for making my life smell so freaking good! 

- Emma Andrews

I honestly can’t get enough of these Wax melts! They are Stunning! I have ordered 3 times in the space of a month I just want to be stocked up and never run out.

I recommend anybody to try these Beautiful Wax Melts! The quality is stunning. I don’t know what wax Hannah uses but honestly it’s beautiful quality, smell lasts ages, and when I’m done and need to re-change the wax I personally have just popped/slid the wax out without pre-heating or anything.

I find this on all 3 of my burners (different types). I tried a different wax from a store and I had to slightly wait for heat to be able to remove the wax. I honestly love these and Hannah seems the sweetest person ever

- Anonymous

“I made an order with Ava May Aromas and it will definitely be the first of many, the customer service I received from this business is honestly one of the best I have ever experiences! From start to finish they were on hand to guide me through the process as I wasn’t sure hat I wanted. The actual product is amazing, such a high standard and smells amazing! 11/10.”

- Connor