Searching for discount perfumes online?


Searching for discount perfumes online?

Everybody loves to smell good. As Estee Lauder famously said, ‘Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you feel quite
simply marvellous.’ But smelling good can come at a price. Ava May Aromas are proud to offer a range of top quality
perfumes at an affordable price.

Click here to shop. is the perfect starting point if you want to find discount perfume online. We have various offers
at different times across our whole product range so it’s always worth checking back regularly.

What you need to know about UK discount perfume

Many of us look for a reduced or cheap designer fragrance. That may encompass the best selling fragrances or
perhaps our favourite perfume which is not in the more popular range. Our advice is to search ‘inspired by’
perfumes, scents or fragrances. If these are crafted by professional perfume makers, the scent will be very similar to
the original perfume.

When searching online for a cheap designer fragrance, consider the following points:

1. Perfume safety – Has the product been specifically laboratory tested? If not, be careful. You want to be sure
that whatever you spray onto your skin is safe and has been approved by a regulated laboratory for your
own wellbeing.

2. A quality bottle – Do you want a poor quality bottle with a cheap looking sticker which you then want to hide
when publicly spraying? Or would you prefer a great scent in a good quality branded bottle which you are
proud to use in front of your friends?

3. Customer reviews – There’s nothing quite like testimonials from fellow customers to give confidence when
considering a purchase. But how do you know they are real testimonials? We recommend you check that the
reviews are on a trusted platform such as Trust Pilot.

4. Perfume samples – Shopping for discount perfume online means you don’t get the opportunity to physically
sample the product. It’s fine if you know the scent that you want to purchase but if you want to sample
perfume, consider purchasing a perfume tester bottle in a small 10ml size or similar first. You can then
upgrade to a larger sized fragrance when you are confident you like the aroma.

5. Perfume size – If you’re looking for a perfume to use ‘on the go’ you may want to consider a handbag sized
10ml perfume or similar. Alternatively, you may enjoy the scent so much and use it regularly that you want
to purchase a larger bottle. Or you may be one of those people who likes to mix it up and use a different
scent for different occasions in which case you’ll be better off buying several smaller sized scents.

6. Perfume discount codes – Discount codes and money off codes seem to be advertised everywhere.

Unfortunately, too many lead to a dead end. Discounted perfumes are already heavily discounted but some
sites offer either special offer perfume deals or perfume discount codes across the whole range.
Ava May Aromas scents are very similar to the iconic originals in aroma and strength as well as longevity. We use
high quality ingredients and ensure that our perfumes are complemented in a professionally branded bottle.

You can now use our AVAMAY10 discount code to get 10% off across the range of women’s perfumes, men’s
fragrances, candles, wax melts and other products on our website. This discount code does not apply to
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Disclaimer: Please note that our products and their description / labelling are for guidance only. Our products should
not be mistaken for the actual High Street brand. Our products are alternative fragrances and do not try to clone any
of the original brands. All names, trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective manufacturers and
/ or designers. Our versions are not to be confused with the originals and Ava May Aromas have no affiliation with
the manufacturers or designers.