Hygge at Home

Hygge at Home

‘The art of creating intimacy’, ‘tranquility of the soul’ or ‘cocoa by candlelight’

(as taken from The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living – Meik Wilking)

As the nights get darker and the pace of life picks up before we head into the Christmas rush, finding joy in the simple things can sometimes get lost amongst everything that is going on. Over the past few months, the AMA Team have been looking into ways of enlivening wellbeing for the winter months ahead. As much as we love the cosy blankets and Christmas movies, the icy, cold weather and dark mornings can drain us of vitality.  It is widely known that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world and their concept ‘Hygge’ could be the answer for us all: focussed around slowing down, being present in the moment and embracing togetherness. 


The Hygge Manifesto 

While the word ‘Hygge’ does not have a direct translation to English, phrases like ‘cosiness’ or ‘intimacy’ reflect the atmosphere of Hygge. It becomes a source of happiness in the cold, dark Scandinavian winter. The Danes follow the Hygge manifesto to create the ultimate hyggeligt (hygge-like) ambience, with joy being found in the most miserable season of the year – sounds great, right?!


Atmosphere: Turn down the lights, play some calming music. 

Presence: Being at one with your surroundings.

Pleasure: Indulge in sweet treats, hot drinks and a good book. 

Equality: ‘We’ over ‘me’. Share the joy of Hygge with loved ones.

Gratitude: Savour it, take it in. Appreciate those moments of joy.

Harmony: Live in the moment and share the value of togetherness with others.

Comfort: Take a break. Relax and be content in your surroundings.

Truce: Seek total happiness – no drama, no politics, leave it for another day.

Togetherness: Build relationships and memories to treasure.

Shelter: Create a place of peace and serenity. 


By applying the Hygge manifesto, whilst making a conscious effort to take time out for yourself and share this sense of harmony with others, you will give your mind the chance to rest from the ‘hustle culture’ of life. Togetherness and intimacy, spending time with loved ones, will lower feelings of stress, anxiety and dependency on social media; in their place, feelings of mindfulness, optimism and self-worth will thrive. 


Creating your Hyggekrog 

Essential to practicing Hygge, create a hyggekrog (a place to feel hyggeligt) and find yourself in a sanctuary of calm tranquility to allow the mind to feel at ease. Dim the lights, enjoy the soft glow of candles and cosy up under your favourite blanket. You’ll find it is almost impossible not to partake in those feel-good moments, indulging in comfort food and warm drinks, spending time with friends and family or simply becoming absorbed in a new book.

In true Danish style, the most important part, for us, is focussing on the atmosphere and lighting to recreate the traditional Scandinavian home interior. The pockets of light created by the cosy ambience of a lit candle is reflective of the Danes’ passion for soft lighting – the more candles the better! A hyggeligt atmosphere can also be created from the scent of a candle. Fragrance stimulates emotions and has the power to influence moods, so inspire a sense of tranquility, relieve stress and select a scent based on memories of joy and relaxation. 


We would love for you to share the AMA scent that makes you feel ‘hyggeligt’ or how you’re getting Hygge for Autumn, so don’t forget to tag us @avamayaromas.