How to use a wax melt burner

How to use a wax melt burner

What is a wax melt burner?

Sometimes called a wax melt warmer, wax melt burners come in two main types. Those which are powered
by use of a tea light (ceramic burner) and electric burners (usually made of glass). A piece of scented wax
(a wax cube or a wax disc) is placed in the top of the burner whilst a tea light is placed in the bottom
(ceramic burner). When lit, the heat from the tea light will rise and melt the scented wax thus releasing the
wonderful aroma into the room. The principle is the same for an electric wax melt burner except that you
turn the electric burner on and do not need to use a tea light. The heat will then cause the wax to melt and
thus release the beautiful aromatic scent and fragrance into your room.


Where would you use a wax melt burner?

Designed to complement all interiors, burners add a touch of aesthetic appeal to any setting. Most burners
are specially designed to maximise scent throw and come in a vast array of styles. Be aware though that
some manufacturers design their electric wax melt burners to work with their branded wax only.


How do you change wax in a wax melt burner?

The easiest way to remove old wax from your wax melt burner is to either turn on your electric burner or
light your tealight in your ceramic burner. Allow the heat to melt the underside of the wax for a couple of
minutes. When the underside of the wax has started to melt, stabilise the wax melt burner with one hand
and slide the old wax out with the other hand. Remove any residue wax with a soft tissue before adding a
new scented wax melt to the burner.

How does heat affect a wax melt burner?

The hotter wax melt burners become, the more intense the scent throw is due to the volume of fragrance
being released. This in turn shortens the burn time as the fragrance volume within the wax cube is used
much faster. There are lots of different wax burners available with varying heights between the tealight
flame and the bowl holding the scented wax. A short distance between the two will result in increased heat
and conversely, a larger distance between the flame and the bowl will result in decreased heat.

Can I use oil in a wax melt burner?

You can use oil in your warmer but we wouldn’t recommend it purely on safety grounds. If you choose to do
so, simply fill your ceramic burner bowl with water, add a few drops of oil and then light a tealight. Be aware
that water evaporates much faster than wax and could result in overheating and thus damage your wax
melt burner.

Are wax melt burners safe?

Whether you use a ceramic burner with a tea light or an electric burner, we recommend that you place the
burner on either a plate or mat rather than directly onto furniture. Do not leave wax melt burners
unattended. Tea light burners will only burn for a limited period depending on the size of tea light used. Tea
lights (a small wax candle) which are too large for the container can cause over heating and although
unlikely are a potential fire hazard. Also remember that a wax melt burner will get hot so keep well away
from children, animals and soft furnishings.


Why is clear vapour coming from my wax melt burner?

Do not panic! This is normal and is just the scent being thrown. In other words, the heat from the tealight is
releasing the fragrance into the air and around your room. Wax melts with stronger fragrances having the
ability to emit more vapour than others. Don’t be alarmed. This will not harm you, the wax melt or your
Smoking can also indicate when the scent has totally evaporated because the weaker the scent becomes,
the clearer the smoke will appear. However, everything is fine if your wax melt is still smelling strong and
you can’t see any vapour

Why is my wax melt bubbling?

Another sight that may cause alarm is if your wax melt starts bubbling. This is usually caused by one of two
main reasons. A key cause of wax melt bubbles is failure to dry the wax dish properly after washing.
Always ensure the dish where the wax sits is dry before use as bubbling can cause the scent to be thrown
quicker and thereby reduce it’s longevity.

Bubbling can also be caused if the wax melt is too hot due to being melted for too long or the tealight being too close to the wax dish. It’s important to make sure you use the correct size tealight’s. We recommend
using 2 or 4 hour tealights depending on the size of the burner as anything more can heat the burner too
quickly causing erratic bubbling or dark smoke.