From Wimbledon to Wax Melts


The tennis may have finished but the scents of summer are here to stay ….

This year I was lucky enough to finally get tickets to watch the tennis at the world famous Wimbledon Centre Court and it was an experience that didn’t disappoint. For the past few years I’ve found myself watching Wimbledon on TV and thinking ‘I must try and go next year.’ It’s one of those things I’ve been desperate to tick off my bucket list. I was amazed by how stunning the grounds are. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but the beautiful blooms of purple and white flowers and immaculately kept grounds blew me away. The setting really is outstanding and the size of the grounds also surprised me. 

Centre Court itself was also a fabulous experience. I really enjoyed watching the tennis matches up close and thank goodness for the roof as it decided to pour for most of the afternoon but play was uninterrupted. 

Of course, we had to sample the famous Strawberries & Cream while we were there and I was  pleasantly surprised by the price at £2.50 a pot.  We were expecting it to be ridiculous – something like £10.00 a pot. You obviously can’t forget to add a glass of Pimms to the mix so I think it’s safe to say we had the full Wimbledon experience from a food & drink perspective. 

Overall, it’s an experience I’d highly recommend if you’ve always wanted to go.  I can’t say I’ve been inspired to the point of   picking up a racket but I’d be happy to grab another glass of Pimms and watch from the sidelines next year.

So onto our Summer Charm – the Strawberry. As I said previously, Wimbledon may have finished but our summer scents will be here for a little longer.  Here’s what you can expect from the scents under the latest exclusive charm to join our collection… 

Pink Dunes – Inspired by Yankee Candle – Pink Sands 

An exotic island escape – a fragrant medley of citrus orange notes and fruity accents of melons, berries and bananas embracing a floral heart, infused with the delicacy of muguet, rose, and jasmine, enriched with undertones of sweet musk, coconut and spiced vanilla for a scent of tropical calm.

Summer Sundae 

A delicious temptation – a burst of crisp, sweet summer fruits and red berries, blended with apple and citrus notes and hints of floral charm, to stimulate the senses with fragrant delight, balanced with undertones of the warm creamy comfort of vanilla beans for a lasting indulgent aroma.