Wax Melts

"What are Scented wax melts? Our scented UK Wax Melts are fragranced cubes or discs of wax which can be melted to infuse a room with your chosen aroma. Ava May Aromas primary range of scents are designer dupes. Melts are often used as an alternative to scented candles and can also be used as a cheaper scent test before purchasing a more expensive candle. Our wax melts and discs are made using the same quality scents as our candle range which can be found here A wax melt cube burn time can last between 4 and 12 hours depending on your preferred strength of scent throw. A wax melt pack contains 6 cubes whilst a wax disc is designed to be broken and used as two separate halves. Why Ava May Aromas wax melts? If you want your wax melts UK produced, then you’ve found the best melts in the country. Our wax melts and wax discs are hand poured using the best quality ingredients. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say at Trustpilot As the UK industry leader, we are proud of being Leaping Bunny certified and strive to be an environmentally friendly and ethical company. Ava May Aromas is ‘the’ wax melt brand loved by Mrs Hinch, who has a number of our wax melt burners and reed diffusers placed around her home. We are big Hinching fans and love seeing our products featured on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories. We are forever grateful to Sophie Hinchcliffe for her amazing support.

How do I change wax melts? The easiest way to change a melt is to add heat to the wax burner bowl for around 60 seconds by either switching on an electric burner or lighting a tealight in a ceramic wax burner (often called a wax melt warmer). You can then stabilise the wax burner with one hand whilst sliding the old wax out with the other.

Are Wax Melts safe? Our melts are completely safe. All of our ingredients are non-toxic. They are safe to use around pets but we do recommend that wax melt burners are kept out of the reach of pets and children.