Ceramic & Glass Wax Burners

The Ava May Aromas range of wax melt burners has been specifically created to incorporate functionality, elegance and style. Each has been designed in house before being tested and created by our manufacturers. So if you are looking for the best quality burner range in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.
What is a wax melt burner?
Sometimes called a wax melt warmer, they come in two main types. Those which are powered by use of a tea light (ceramic burner) and electric burners (usually made of glass). Our wax melt burners / wax melt warmers have been specifically designed to work with our range of beautifully scented wax melts available here. A piece of scented wax (a wax cube or one of our wax discs) is placed in the top of the burner whilst a tea light is placed in the bottom (ceramic burner). When lit, the heat from the tea light will rise and melt the scented wax thus releasing the wonderful aroma into the room. The principle is the same for an electric wax melt burner except that you turn the electric burner on and do not need to use a tea light. The heat will then cause the wax to melt and thus release the beautiful aromatic scent and fragrance your room. Both electric and ceramic burners give a wonderful ambience in a low light room, hence they are often referred to as a wax melt lamp. Ceramic models just give off the warm light from the tea light whereas there are multitude of colours to choose from with electric wax melt lamps.
Why choose an Ava May Aromas wax melt burner?
Designed to complement any interior style, our burners add a touch of aesthetic appeal to any setting. We offer a wide choice of colours and sizes in our ceramic burners. Whether you want a chrome wax burner (often referred to as silver), a white wax burner and a grey wax burner, we have plenty to choose from. Or rather than a White wax burner or a grey wax burner, you could opt for a colourful electric burner. Our bespoke and branded range of burners are specially designed to maximise scent throw and include delightful heart burners, the beautiful crossover burner and shapely oval burners with interchangeable bowls. Our burners are designed to work with wax melts from any supplier and we believe we have created the best in the UK with the Ava May Aromas range. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say at Trust Pilot here. As the UK wax melt industry leader, we are proud of being Leaping Bunny certified and strive to be an environmentally friendly and ethical company. Ava May Aromas is ‘the’ wax melt brand loved by Mrs Hinch, who has a number of our wax melt burners and reed diffusers placed around her home. We are big Hinching fans and love seeing our products featured on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories. We are forever grateful to Sophie Hinchcliffe for her amazing support. We recommend that customers only use a 2 to 4 hour tea light for reasons of safety. These high quality tealights are available here.
How do I remove old wax from a wax burner prior to adding a new fragrance wax melt?
The easiest way to change your wax melt is to either turn on your electric burner or light your tealight in your ceramic burner. Allow the heat to melt the underside of the wax for a couple of minutes. When the underside of the wax has started to melt, stabilise the wax melt burner with one hand and slide the old wax out with the other hand. Remove any residue wax with a soft tissue before adding a new scented wax melt to the burner.
Can I use oil in a wax melt burner?
You can use oil in your warmer but we wouldn’t recommend it purely on safety grounds. If you choose to do so, simply fill your burner bowl with water, add a few drops of oil and then light a tealight. Be aware that water evaporates much faster than wax and could result in overheating and thus becoming damaged. Safety issues: Whether you use a ceramic burner with a tea light or an electric burner, we recommend that you place the burner on either a plate or mat rather than directly onto furniture. Electric burners will continue to run regardless of whether the dish contains any wax, this could cause damage if it isn't turned off before this happens. Tea light burners will only burn for a limited period depending on the size of tea light used but again should not be left unattended. We recommend our 2-4 hour tea lights available here. rather than 4-8 hour tea lights. Tea lights (a small wax candle) that are too large for the container can cause over heating and although unlikely are a potential fire hazard. Also remember that a wax melt burner will get hot so keep well away from children, animals and soft furnishings.
Looking to buy a UK wax melt burner / wax melt warmer?
Whether you are looking to buy a ceramic or electric wax melt burner in the UK, USA or Europe, Ava May Aromas offer a unique and beautiful range of which will compliment any room. Take a look at our range which includes various styles of grey wax melt burner, white wax melt burner and chrome wax melt burner (often referred to as silver). Our fragrances are available in our range of wax melts, candles and reed diffusers. Whilst our collection offers a stylish solution to enjoying our fragrances at home.