Why AMA Christmas Wax Melts Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The festive season is officially here! High streets and houses are beginning to be adorned with Christmas decorations, supermarkets are starting to see an influx of seasonal treats, and festive jingles can now be heard on the radio. Of course, this means that it’s also time to upgrade your home fragrance selection. AMA’s new range of Christmas wax melt scents will immediately put you in the festive spirit with its rich and spicy fragrance profile. Whether you’re after sumptuous stocking fillers for loved ones or a cheeky treat for yourself, wax melts will be the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas season.

Why Choose Wax Melts For Christmas?

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We recommend sticking to little luxuries that will always go to good use, and wax melts fall right into that category. They’ll be much appreciated by well-seasoned home fragrance lovers and newbies alike.

Everyone appreciates a lovely scent in their home. Wax melts are an easy, clean, and long-lasting solution for home fragrance and aromatherapy. Our hand poured wax melts can burn for as long as 8 hours per disc! Once the disc has burned through, simply use a tealight to heat up and slide out the leftover wax. No more worrying about what to do with empty candle holders; a wax burner will be good for years to come.

Wax melts are an affordable yet lavish treat for any home. Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts. They’re also a great addition to your home’s existing Christmas decor. Lighting up a wax melt while watching a Christmas film, decorating the tree, or sharing a special meal with family will create an even lovelier festive ambiance.

AMA’s Exclusive Christmas Wax Melt Scents

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy our Christmas wax melt scents. These delectable new aromas are available for a limited time only at Ava May Aromas. This is definitely a ‘now or never’ opportunity, as our scents have been specially created for the 2021 holiday season and will likely change next Christmas.

Inspired by traditional treats and activities, our seasonal wax melt scents are guaranteed to fill the room with extra Christmas cheer. Even the packaging will lift your spirits! Our elegant wax melt packs are embellished with bows and one of 3 new fabulous collectible charms: a dashing reindeer, cheerful snowman, and magnificent polar bear. They’re the perfect treat for a loved one or yourself.

This year’s amazing new scents are:

Crimson Cranberry Sparkler. Spark the festive spirit with this delightful fruity aroma. Cranberries, raspberries, peach, and lime are combined with caramel and vanilla to create a dreamy winter cocktail.

Cranberry Orange and Cinnamon. This sweet scent perfectly captures the joys of the holiday season. Tart and zesty cranberry and orange are beautifully layered with floral undertones of jasmine and lily and an earthy base of cedar, musk, and vanilla.

Winter Honeysuckle and Elderflower. Appreciate the unique romance of winter florals with this enchanting scent. A sweet base of frosted honeysuckle and elderflower bloom is enhanced with subtle citrus notes of mandarin, lemon, and winter berries. Additional warmth is created with amber, vanilla, and musk undertones.

Frankincense & Myrrh. These earthy oils are synonymous with Christmas. Amber and bergamot bring depth, while sweet notes of jasmine and vanilla pods lighten up the rich aroma.

Golden Embers and Plum. This delicious scent will remind you of a decadent woodland feast. A fruity infusion of plum and cassis is given freshness with notes of cedar and precious oriental woods. Sweet undertones of cinnamon, vanilla, and musk round out this beautiful fragrance.

Mulled Wine and Spiced Currants. Warmth and vibrance are instantly given off in this rich, cozy scent. Spicy fruits, red wine, and plums are accompanied by sweet dried fruits and currants to recreate the heavenly scent of this classic festive beverage.

We don’t blame you if you want to try them all!


Christmas Wax Melt Gift Ideas

Wax melts allow you to get creative with your gift ideas. If you already have a wax melt lover in your life, you can keep things simple by sticking to individual discs or our convenient wax melt packs and tins. Be sure to try out one of our new fragrances to keep things interesting!

Those that are new to the world of wax melts will benefit from a curated gift set that doubles as a starter pack. Give them everything they need by adding a ceramic or electric wax burner with their pack of wax melts. We also provide all the necessary accessories for wax melts: burner bowls, tea light packs, and gift bags. They’ll be instantly set up for success.

Christmas Wax Melt Advent Calendar

AMA fans will be thrilled to hear that our wax melt advent calendar is back! Order yours now, as only a limited number of these highly anticipated treats are produced every year.

Our advent calendars are hand-designed with a charming festive illustration. Each door hides a wax disc pack for optimal value and cheer! This year’s calendar features a diverse mix of our best selling designer dupe scents as well as our limited edition Christmas scents. It’s a luxurious treat that will keep any household smelling fantastic well into the New Year.

Will you be including wax melts on your Christmas shopping list? Remember to order now to receive them in time for Christmas!