Aroma Oils and Electric Aroma Diffusers

Aroma Oils and Electric Aroma Diffusers – the flameless fragrance product combination you need in your home

You may have heard of reed diffusers or have a wax melt stash that would turn many green with envy, but how’s your aroma oil collection doing? Never heard of these scented gems? Then you need to get to grips with this flameless scented alternative that’s taken social media by storm.

What are aroma oils?

The purpose of an aroma oil is in the name, to create a wonderful fragrance to suit the mood of the user. You may have seen aroma oil gift sets in the past for both essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils. Usually each aroma oil comes in a small individual bottle and holds around 5-10ml of liquid typically. The aroma bottles are tiny because the oils they contain are highly concentrated, therefore very little is required to achieve a stunning scent in your home.

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How do I use an aroma oil?

A few drops of aroma oil are usually added to a ceramic burner or an electric aroma diffuser.

In ceramic diffusers, water is added to the well of the burner and a few drops of oil are then also added. A tealight is placed under the burner and the scent will evaporate as it would from a wax melt – however, the key difference in this instance is that the water in the well will also evaporate (unlike the wax which remains when melting wax melts). If you do choose to use this method please ensure that you supervise your ceramic burner at all times. The water in the well of the burner will evaporate surprisingly quickly and can therefore present a real safety hazard if the tealight is not extinguished or the liquid in the well is topped up. It is for this very reason that we at Ava May Aromas do not actively advise using this method with aroma oils.

Electric aroma diffusers are our much preferred method when it comes to using aroma oils to fill your home with stunning fragrance. You may have seen the electric aroma diffusers all over social media as they’ve been increasingly popular over the past few years. Typically most diffusers have a large lid that can be removed and allows you to fill the diffuser with water up to the recommended safety line. Once the water has been added, it’s time to grab your aroma oil of choice and add a few drops. You can also vary the intensity of the scent you wish to achieve with your aroma oil by simply adding more drops until you reach your desired fragrance strength. Once the lid has been replaced you simply plug your diffuser in, and press the desired setting buttons. Some aroma diffusers allow you to vary the colours of the diffuser itself, the intensity of the aroma mist, or to select a timer which will then mean the diffuser turns itself off once the duration has passed.

Needless to say electric aroma diffusers are stylish, therapeutic to watch and a safe way to create a beautiful aroma throughout your home. Watch this space for our range of electric aroma diffusers which will be revealed in the near future and in the meantime be sure to get stocked up on aroma oils.