7 tips to help you smell good all day long

7 tips to help you smell good all day long
Looking good is something that we all aspire to but smell can be equally as important. Smelling good doesn’t have to
be difficult but smelling good all day requires a little more thought. So if you want to be the person that always
smells attractive, follow our 7 tips below on how to smell good all day.

1. Watch what you eat

It’s not just what you put onto your body that counts. What you put into it is equally as important. Strong
spicy food has a habit of staying with us the next day be it on our breath or in our sweat. Stay away from
strong smelling food if you’re planning an important event within the next 24 hours.

2. Drink plenty of water

We drink water to rehydrate the body, to stay cool, to filter the kidneys and to flush unwanted products
from the body. Body odour occurs naturally through sweating. This is the bodys way of cooling us and
regulating our inner temperature. Sweating uses a lot of the bodys water but dehydration can make bad
smells stronger, especially in our mouths. Drinking plenty of water will help you to stay hydrated, dilute bad
breath and help you to feel more energised.

3. Choose a perfume / scent that suits you

With so many fragrances available on the market, it can be difficult to choose our favourites and find ones
that suit us. Scents that smell good on one person can sometimes smell different and not so good on others
depending on our personal chemistry. So whether its perfume, aftershave or body spray, take your time. Buy
small sized tester bottles if you can and start to build a list of your favourites.

4. Where and when?

Having spent time and money choosing our favourite cologne, perfume or scented oil, it would be a shame
to not get the maximum benefit due to poor application. Apply your scent to the pulse points of your body.
These include wrists, back of the ears and behind the knees. When your body heats up, the wonderful
fragrance will warm and be released from the skin. Try to apply the scent when it has time to dry on your
body rather than before you leave your car only to have it blown away in the breeze. Perfumes and scents
have a limit to how long they last on the body so consider carrying a handy pocket size bottle which will
allow you to freshen up on the go.

5. Watch what you wear

Clothing can have a major impact on how we smell throughout the day. Light breathable fabrics can
significantly reduce sweating. Washing clothes regularly with a good quality detergent is equally important
and results in your clothes smelling amazing. And don’t forget to spray your wardrobe and clothes drawers
occasionally to add that extra bit of dazzle.

6. Wash regularly

This may sound obvious but we’ve all been around people who seem to have an aversion to soap and water.
There’s nothing worse than stale sweat and body odours to drive people away. Trying to cover them up with
fragrance is like applying a sticking plaster to a wet patch – it doesn’t work! So make sure you use a quality
soap plus shampoo and shower each day before you leave home and prior to applying fresh scent to your

7. Ensure good dental hygiene

Halitosis (bad breath) is a massive turn off and an instant method to drive people away. This will also undo
all the efforts you make to smell good if left untreated. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss
to get in between the teeth, use a good mouth wash to reach all those impossible crevices and visit your
dentist every 6 months. And finally remember, the more pungent the food, the longer it will last on your

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